Prep Day

So my close friends and family know I’m a bit of a planner. Being a busy mom, I try to make supper time quick and easy. All of you parents know how quickly a night can fly by!
A few years ago I decided to take one day a month and make it my Prep Day. It’s usually a Sunday and it starts when I get up in the morning. I use this day to make a stock-pile of meat for various meals for the next few weeks.
Here’s my routine:
5lbs of chicken go into the crockpot to slow cook. Once done I’ll shed it all and put in those handy-dandy freezer containers. 5 containers (5 meals).

10lbs of hamburger gets browned and drained. That will fill another 10 containers (10 meals)

Who doesn’t love bacon! I love to have it on hand for various recipes, but cannot stand the smell of it in the house on a regular occurrence. So, this too gets added to Prep Day. I’ll bake 5lbs so that it’s flat. Once cooled, I layer it in a cakepan size container with wax paper between the layers.

Then all of this goes into the freezer. I’m now set for quick meals throughout the month!